Hidden Hands

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Hidden Hands YOGA ASANA Concentration is very important for students as well as professionals; with daily practice of YOGA one can develop complete Physical Mental & spiritual status. We aim at complete development of a human being in this way YOGA plays a vital role.


Hidden Hands YOGA

Level -1 (7 Days Course) (For beginners) - Easy YOGASANA - To Increase Flexibility

  • Exercises:- sookshm vyayam, pavan muktasana, Surya Namaskar (With mantras), ardh kati chakrasana, vrikshasana, paschhimutoasana,ushtrasana, suptvajrasana, siddhasana, swastiksana, salabhasana, makrasana, shashanksana, etc.
  • Pranayam :- Nadi shodhan, Bhastrika , Ujjayayi, Surabhed
  • Shithilikaran :- Shavasana & Shithil Awastha.

Hidden Hands YOGA

Level -2 (7 Days Course) (For Level -1 cleared people) - Advanced YOGASANA - To great control over body

  • Exercises:- Gomukhasana, Matsayasana, ardh matsayendrasana, Dhnurasana,Sarvangasana, mayurasana, setubandhasan, chakrasana, bakasana, bramcharyasana, seershasana, natrajasana etc.
  • Pranayam :- Shhetali Pranayam, Sheetkari Pranayam,Moorcha.
  • Sudhhi Karan :- Kunjal, Jal netri (for 100% sinus cure)
  • Sudhhi Karan :- Kunjal, Jal netri (for 100% sinus cure)
  • Mudra:- Sambhavi, Khechari.
  • Bandh :- Jalandhar Band, Uddiyan Bandh, Mool Bandh.
  • Each exercise will be trained with the origin of it & the impact it creates in our body in detail by YOG guru PRAVEEN JI.
  • Daily 15 min Ethics knowledge will be given by ASHISH JI to live a better & happy life.