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Regular Trainings are very necessary part in the development of any employee/ professional to perform better in his day to day life/ job routine.
With the team of vastly professional facilitators we aim at giving best trainings to all new & existing employees as well as freshers to become good employees of any small/medium or large firms.

(New/Existing) program :- (5 Days workshop)

  • How to develop Leadership qualities & team building management?
  • How to develop Public speaking/ communication & presentation skills?
  • How to best utilize Time?
  • Developing corporate culture, behavior & etiquette
  • Developing best customer service skills (customer service vs. customer delight)
  • Stress Management
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Industry oriented learning with fun & games
  • Ethical training to sustain longer in a company
  • Growth hacking training by experts
  • How to impress interviewer & get a job
  • Growth hacking training by experts
  • How to earn extra income while studying?
  • How to develop soft skills/communication skills /presentation skills?
  • Importance of active involvement/ taking initiatives in corporate industry
  • Development of body language & non verbal communication skills
  • Importance of team in an industry & understanding how to work in a team

Trainings for Fresher:
The Pre Employment Workshops (5 Days):-

  • Group discussion & Personality development
  • Portfolio making & Resume making
  • How to impress interviewer & get a job
  • Developing basics of MS EXCEL, POWERPOINT, WORD for effective working
  • How to write good email

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