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Social Work

We need business to comprehend its social obligation that the primary goal and target for a business isn't to produce additional pay and to wind up rich and exchange the cash abroad, however to look and assess what a representative has accomplished for the nation, for the general population, on whose account the individual has turned out to be so rich.

The primary thought process of Hidden Hands is to give hand of assistance to the individuals who have need of it. We are setting up the Hidden hand not exclusively to win cash yet our intention is to contribute something for where we live and to accomplish something useful for advancement of in all seriousness.

We believe that, ?This is one of the most beautiful damages in life that you cannot really try to help another person. Karuna is not the relationship between healer and the injured people. This is a relationship of equality. When we know our own darkness, then we can be present with the darkness of others. Compassion comes true when we recognize our shared humanity.?

We are connected with some NGOs and will make more connections in future. We are working for the society with our full dedication and we feel happy when we make someone happy. To do something we can be only one but we are one. We cannot do everything but we at least can do something. On the off chance that everybody has this idea we will most likely make the bunches of hidden hands as concealed assistance.

"Of the present naught is bright,
But in the coming years, I see
A brilliant and a cheerful light,
Which burns before thee constantly."

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