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We organize different school level events so that they can learn the best when others of their age group are at rest. We aspire to cover all those activities in our events which a student would love to learn along with their studies.


  • Help your child to do his best when others are at rest.
  • Let your child play with some science.
  • When cooking becomes fireless, a child makes dishes being tireless.
  • In mathematics, if your child feels "sleazy", Abacus & Vedic mathematics makes his calculations easy.
  • Dancing (Classical/Western/Zumba)
  • Singing (Classical/ Western)
  • Instruments Playing (Guitar etc) And Many more........
  • Industry oriented learning with fun & games

Along with all these activities we actually aim at the overall development
of a student so that he/she may tomorrow be able to contribute to the society.
In this way we also organize -


  • How to make weakness strength: Believe in yourself.
  • How to be successful: Do what you love
  • How to maintain success: Don't let it over power you
  • How to be "HAPPILY SUCCESSFUL": Find Answers in our events.


  • Teacher is: Anybody or anything that can change a chapter into a lesson.
  • What is the role of a teacher: Teaches kids to count & what to count
  • How it affects: when it is 1/4th of the theory & 3/4th of the application.
  • Engage parents: Parents help you to make your child believe in what you want him to be.


  • Be a good listener.
  • Empower their child's self-esteem.
  • Never bribe him just to get the work done.
  • Be acceptable.

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