Hidden Hands

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Every youth has so much potential to do something different & contribute to the society, it is just about making him/her aware about his capabilities & duties towards society. In this way our loved Founder Mr Ashish Pandey aims at Inspiring & motivating youths of the nation through his speeches which can create fire on the stage at schools/colleges/universities/coaching institutes. Mostly he loves to talk about the following issues with the students however he believes that any issue can be used for guiding & motivating people :-

Inspiring & Motivating Youths

  • Power of positive Thinking
  • Best career options after Class 10th/ 12th.
  • How to best utilize 3-4 years Of Graduation
  • How to remain calm when preparing for Govt. Exam.
  • Art of handling stage Pressure
  • How to develop communication skills
  • History of Indian culture How our education system works
  • How to manage funds for Low income group students
  • How to stay mentally fit to face different challenges of life.
  • Is money is the only Success (How Poor live happily?)
  • How to best manage you 24 Hours
  • How to overcome your Bad habits & many more