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Our founder Mr.Ashish Pandey belongs to a very common middle class family and he feels that if a person gets constant personalized counseling in different stages of life then he may perform lot better in his life, he wishes that whatever the struggles he has faced his life due to lack of proper counseling & guidance other should not face.

Personalized Counseling/ Advice (for students):-

  • What stream to choose after 10/12?
  • How to make & maintain a good routine (We make routine for candidates according to their taste & preference)
  • What is to be done JOB or BUSINESS?
  • How much time should be given to prepare for government examination?
  • Stress & Depression management for candidates not getting selected
  • How to develop communication skills
  • What books & sources to follow for different examinations.
  • What to do if not getting proper results from the chosen direction?
  • How to concentrate in studies?
  • How to earn extra income while studying?
  • How to study more in less time? & whatever the concerns you have.......

Personal Advice (for everyone):-

  • How to overcome & perform better in unfavorable family situations?
  • How to make happy environment in family when the family income is less?
  • How to solve small disputes in personal relations?
  • How to establish a sound balance between Personal & Professional career?
  • How to establish a better understanding between parents & law's like generation gap relationships? & whatever the concerns you have......

Personalized Counseling/ Advice (for employees/ professionals):-

  • How to establish a good relationship with difficult boss?
  • How to develop good arts for performing well in daily work life?
  • How to write good E-mails?
  • How to get quick promotions?
  • How to develop communication skills
  • How to increase sales? & whatever the concerns you have.......

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