Hidden Hands

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About the Founder:-


  • Born on teacher’s day i.e. 05-09-1990 Mr. Ashish Pandey was studios from his childhood, He was recognized with many awards at school level, was a naughty student though favorite of all the teachers.

  • He was a born leader hence he has been given the opportunity to lead his classes throughout all the sessions & in the class 12th the management went against all the rules to make him the school captain.

  • At the school level he was active in all the cultural activities and has been awarded with the GOVERNER REWARD in the age of 16, also he was recognized at district level of his speech on legendary BHAGAT SINGH.

  • He was a child of a very common family & with a habit of never sitting quite he did many jobs while he was studying:-

  • He worked as a sales boy in a cloth stores in the age of 14 in summer vacations

  • Worked with coca-cola company in the age of 15

  • He was a sound student of maths-science stream still due to unfavorable situation he could not go for his ENGINEERING and opted for BBA from a very common college whereas all his mates were doing ENGINEERING.

  • Affected with different challenges on social grounds he made a very different project in his college days “ SPECULATION IN CRICKET” & tried to attract the attention of the decision making class at this point where at one side ‘ INDIA IS SUFFERING FROM POORTY ON THE OTHER SIDE HUGE AMOUNT OF EXPENSES & SPECUALTION IS DONE FOR A GAME’. He was just 20 & management was amazed to see his project.

  • Till this age of 20 he has contributed on many social platforms & he became a professional BLOG WRITER, his blogs were loved by people all over the world.

  • Again due to unfavorable family situations he could go for his MBA & opted to do full time JOBS, he successfully cleared 17 interviews with different companies constantly but gave an interview where the requirement of DEPUTY MANAGER post was an MBA & he was not even completed his BBA still he impressed the interviewer in such a way that he took him over all other MBA’s & selected him.

  • From here he worked with different companies Like INFOSYS HDFC BANK & MAHENDRAS.

  • Just in the age of 22 he successfully runs a sports project INTER-ACTION in INFOSYS & his immediate boss gave him the designation of ‘ONE MAN ARMY’.

  • Impressed with his leadership qualities each of his organizations gave him the responsibility to train his junior as well as senior staff members.

  • With his interest in banking sector he started to train the candidates for government banking examination and many of his candidates got selected from Jabalpur Agra & Prayagraj.

  • He Himself also got selected however he left his government job for teaching once.

  • At the time from his RURAL POSTING when he saw the situation of RURAL EUCATION closely he was regularly asking questions from different platforms and continuously given his best contribution to the rural students via his speeches, seminars & FREE coaching.

  • With the power of YOGA & SPIRITUALITY he is regularly giving seminars on different levels to create an army of ideal youths in INDIA.

  • With the aim to contribute to the society he has founded an Institute i.e. HIDDEN HANDS where there is something to learn for everyone so that INDIA will be full of ideal youths & become a developed country soon.

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